„Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“. This quote is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and it could be our slogan as well.

Our motto „walking in an embrace“ embodies this idea. We don‘t need acrobatic choreographies to enjoy the intimacy of the embrace, the connection to the music and the friendly cooperation of all dancers on the dancefloor. We can find so much subtlety, variety and pleasure in the most puristic movement when it is done in an elegant, harmonic and musical way. This may sound simplistic, but the attempt is surely not easy.

It is our belief, that these pleasures depend on an understanding of the dance as well as on the perception of one’s needs, possibilities and limitations. Tango is a very personal dance and nothing that one can fully grasp in a couple of weeks or by memorising steps. But you can deeply enjoy the embrace and a simple movement from the beginning, if you take it seriously and are open for the transformation that it offers.

We have been dancing since the late 90’s and teaching together since 2001. In these years, we have travelled all over Europe, to the USA and to Buenos Aires in order to promote Tango as a social and international phenomenon. Dancers all over the world are turning away from outdated clichés as well as from the imitation of stage dancers in the Milonga. The tango-communty discovers the beauty of the simple things and we are happy to contribute to this development.

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