What others say

“As Argentine Tango teachers, performers and researchers, we strongly believe in the importance of having written material to help students, dancers and instructors to improve their dance or simply grow their curiosity around this special form of art. Therefore it is a tremendous pleasure for us to see that Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel have come to create this instructional material to share their knowledge and their thoughts with those who are enthusiastic learners of this dance. We have known this couple for many years and have had the opportunity to work with them and appreciate their method to the extent, that we think of them as the highest level of the European Tango instructors. The way they prepare their classes and instructional material, now also in its written and audio visual version, makes the students understand quickly and in a creative way how to adjust their bodies and their techniques to the real feel of an improvisational partner dance as complex as tango is. We’re convinced that this book and it’s DVD will help Tango communities appreciate and cherish the culture of the “close embrace” from a new perspective that is both analytic and pleasurable to follow.”

Gustavo Benzecry-Sabá & Maria Olivera