Updates / Errata

We want to keep you updated!

We will be updating the book and DVD with further texts or clips. Either on this page or in later editions. We would like to keep those of you updated, who have already bought Caminar Abrazados. There might even be an HD version of the film available to download for those who have bought the book+DVD. Please keep checking this site from time to time. In case that you have purchased Caminar Abrazados in a local bookstore or some other re-seller, please sign up for our newsletter by sending us a mail,  so that we can keep you updated.

List of updates:

Update 1: A note on notes (text)


Nobody is perfect!

Although our product was proofread and -watched several times, we still found minor errors after production: the usual spelling mistakes, wrong punctuation and minor bugs in the video: a sound file that fades-out too late, some noises that we forgot to clean up, a scene that does not fade-out early enough… You might not even notice these flaws, but we are taking notes for the second edition. Unfortunately we also noticed cases in which a miss-speaking or a design flaw might create confusion. We want to apologise and set them right in the following list. In case that you find another bug that results in a wrong or ambiguous statement, please contact us immediately, so that we can correct it.

List of errors:

Error 1: DVD (Chapter 8, scene 9, the snake walk from above)
We accidentally state to be walking on 3 lines. Although this is correct for walking in the crossed system in general, in this special case it is incorrect. In the moment that the leader changes side with the outer leg, his feet should step in one line with one of the followers feet: his left foot in line with her left foot, his right foot in line with her right foot. Therefore in the snake walk – as he his changing lanes constantly – the couple only uses 2 lines on which the four feet move.

Error 2: Book (Chapter 9, Page 79, Fig. 44)
All the arrows are supposed to go from one dark grey foot (with weight on it) to another dark grey foot. Arrows 1 and 2 are fine, but arrows 3 and 4 have accidentally been displaced a little. They should always end pointing at the dark foot beside the light grey one.

Error 3: Book (Chapter 5, page 45-46 and following pages, Fig. 17 & 18)
In chapter 5 we introduce circular chest-movements to dance and communicate shifts of weight and side steps. We paraphrase them by using the words „up-over-down“ and „down-over-up“. As we have been informed, the use of the word „over“ might lead to misunderstandings. Certainly when describing the shift-of-weight-related motion. „Over“ in this context is supposed to mean „across“. Unfortunately, the words are repeated throughout the book, wherever we refer to these circular movements in the third dimensions.
So please read: „up-across-down“ (for the shift of weight) and „down-across-up“ (for any open step).

Error 4: Book (Chapter 8, page 67) 
We write: „Please note that the rotation needs only to be very small, in order to create an offset. Ideally, you want to arrive with your feet on four neighbouring lanes, not leaving any gaps between them.“
This is wrong, because unfortunately an „i“ was replaced for an „a“ in a place where it makes a huge difference.
As you know, we speak of the „lines“, on which every foot is moving whilst walking forward or backward. One should always move with the feet following two lines. These two lines make up one „lane“. In parallel system, the partners can either walk front-to-front on the same lane or on two neighbouring (outside) lanes with the leader either on the right or the left side of the follower. So: lines and lanes are two different things and in the above mentioned sentence, „lanes“ is used instead of „lines“.
Therefore the sentence should read: „Please note that the rotation needs only to be very small, in order to create an offset. Ideally, you want to arrive with your feet on four neighbouring lines, not leaving any gaps between them.“